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Coffee Workshop

Hosted by Fineprint's Scottie Callaghan, Meraki Giving embarked on a tasting adventure. We learned about roasting profiles, tools, grinding sizes, and how every single decision changes the flavour of your coffee! 


Roasting coffee beans is more than just turning on an over. Understanding the bean profile, taste preference for your customer base, shelf life, etc is critical in understanding the process. 

The Beans are Here!

The moment we have been waiting for has finally arrived! Waiting for this shipment has been a lot like counting down to an exciting event, trip, or celebration; it felt like time was moving slower. Thanks to Otterbox, and their commitment to our cause, we have received our order of coffee beans. There is more to this epic process, which you can read about by clicking on the GO button.  

False Alarm

Well, our coffee shipment was on its way. However, Peruvian customs had another plan for it. The ups and downs continue, but we feel like we are that much closer! Understanding the custom procedures of other countries is so important. We are definitely learning to read the fine print. 

Opening a Bank Account

Juan, the president of the association in Peru, had never opened a bank account for the association of coffee farmers. This was a whole new challenge that needed to take place in order for us to set up a system for an international transaction. 


For the past few months we have been hard at work on getting Meraki Giving registered as a Society, and we are happy to say that our paperwork has finally been accepted! We are now officially a registered society. This was an important step to opening a bank account for Meraki Giving and registering with the Food and Health department in Hong Kong. 


We have been learning the importance of branding. Branding is critical in attracting customers and also keeping them. We want our customers and partners to be invested in the future of our Marancocha partners. Therefore our packaging, marketing, logos, slogans, etc will all aim to educate our community about fair trade, direct trade and the community projects we will be investing in. 


To raise capital for our shipment, Meraki Giving is working on new fundraising ideas that entertain and education.  Meraki Giving is also excited to be launching our first line of Caferuna merchandise in the upcoming future.  Understanding market research has been an ongoing learning curve as the age range of coffee drinkers is larger than other products. Our main demographic also happens to be a bit outside our current area of expertise, but we are learning! 

Shipment...Timing is Everything.


Good news everyone! Our coffee shipment is now on the way to Peru's capital, Lima, which means we are getting our coffee soon! We know you have been waiting for a long time and we do really appreciate your patience and support. We have also been working on our brand merchandise, and it will be launched soon. Keep checking back for updates!

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