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We believe that when you come together, nothing is impossible. Without the support of The Harbour School, this would never have been possible. The Harbour School believes in "Unlocking the best" in every student, and that is not limited to our school community. Many schools tell their students that it is important to help others, to gain experience in the real world, to give back when possible, but not many schools work alongside their students to make that happen. Thank you Harbour School. You truly are unlocking the best in us. 

Toby Tanser wanted to give back to the country that has given so much to him. Toby saw the suffering and the need of the most vulnerable of Kenya's children and endeavoured to build a children's hospital. He succeeded in raising millions of dollars to build Shoe For Africa Children's Hospital. The only public children's hospital in East and Central Africa. Toby's dream has saved countless lives and he continues to develop the hospital to continue to deliver world-class services to his patients.  

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