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2K21 Beach Cleanup



Hong Kong beaches are affected by climate change and pollution. If no action is taken irreversible damage will happen to marine life. The beach cleanups are going to be on a bi-monthly cycle.


Beach cleanups might not be the ultimate solution but it is an accessible process that helps us achieve cleaner beaches as well as making an impact on the ocean. This also provides opportunities to educate people who want to make a change.

Ideal Outcome

Our end goal would be to ideally make Hong Kong beaches more clean in general so the public can enjoy them more as well as saving marine wildlife. The outcome of this would be less plastic waste in the ocean as well as spreading our cause to others.


The other ideal outcome would be for the people involved in the beach cleanups to gain more awareness about the plastic pollution problem in Hong Kong, and then take action themselves to reduce plastic use and help address the root cause of the problem.

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