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 Caféruna Coffee

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Start your day, Change the future!

Meraki Giving’s past initiative, Caféruna, partnered with coffee farmers in Marancocha, Peru. Our goal was to work together to create sustainable business opportunities to sell our Caféruna coffee and reinvest 100% of the proceeds back into an identified need in the Marancocha community.

By cultivating strong relationships, we can further understand the specific needs of this community to learn how to help lift the oppressive cloud of poverty. The cycle of poverty is complex, and it takes a global commitment to the practice of fair trade principals. Everyone deserves to be treated with dignity and respect. 

 Caféruna's Mission


Caféruna aims to raise awareness of the importance of fair trade and direct trade principles, while working with coffee farmers in Marancocha, Peru. We would like to highlight the power of consumer choice by sharing this journey with our customers.   

Our Vision

Following closely to our organisation's vision, Caféruna contribute to the creation of a world that engages in ethical practices to end inequality. 

Why are Direct Trade and Fair Trade Practices Important?

Fair Trade principles ensure that producers receive a fair wage in order to maintain sustainable economic opportunities for people, especially those in developing countries. These principles, along with Direct Trade practices ensure that all human beings are treated equally. There should not be a secret rule book only available to certain individuals.  Fair and Direct trade treat people with dignity, and empower communities.  It is worth knowing that the extra dollar you spend on fair trade items ensures that farmers and producers are able to provide for themselves and their families. Your extra dollar is an investment in a future of equality.

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