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Hello, from the Social Media and Marketing Department! Here we provide advertisements, posters, infographics, social media updates, and really anything that we want to share with our supporters.

Education and Awareness

Hello, we work on the Education and Awareness of Meraki Giving. 

We look for issues around the world, gather information, and provide it to the people. 


We are the Events team, we work hard on organizing public events and activities, to either educate or to help the world. 

Off-site Team

Greetings! We are the off-site team, we work with and help the other groups online! 

 Meraki Giving Departments 



As the current mentor of Meraki Giving, Matt Schiavon works to facilitate authentic learning experiences and guide the team towards developing successful initiatives.

Hello, we are from the Site Team! We work on this very website that you are enjoying right now! We provide updates on the site and provide needed information for projects and partnerships.

We are open to suggestions, and we would love some feedback.

Social Media and Marketing