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How it affects Meraki Giving:

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  • COVID-19's impact on Meraki Giving is heavy as it has severely affected our Caféruna initiative and has limited us on what we can accomplish. 

  • Caféruna: Currently unable to sell the coffee because of COVID-19.

  • Meraki Giving: Currently limited in our ability to work with partners directly or start a new international initiative with ease. 

  • Covid-19 has impacted Peru heavily via 814,000 ~ confirmed cases and has killed 32,463 including 146 children as of Sept. 30th 2020. This pandemic has also affected import and export of foods to foreign countries. (UNICEF, Peru COVID-19 Situation Report No.7, 30/09/20)

How it has affected Peru:

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Our current plans:


  • Adopt flexibility with future initiatives on the horizon.

  • Work to address identified needs in Peru and plan an advanced purchase of coffee when possible.

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