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Hello! My name is Ashley Ault and I am the lucky founder, teacher who has the privilege to work with these dedicated social entrepreneurs every day. My role is to question, encourage, and stand out of their way while they make magic happen. 


Retail & Fundraising

Hello, this is the Retail and Fundraising Department! We focus on getting our story across to the public by connecting with retailers around Hong Kong who share our passion for social impact.  The key to our success is building meaningful relationships with partners who aligns with our vision and mission. 

Business & Finance

Hello, from the Business and Finance Department! We are in charge of the administrative work and daily operations of Meraki Giving. Creating systems that help us run smoothly is just one of our responsibilities. Managing our budget, and managing our financial plan is also part of our daily routine.  

Social Media and Marketing 

Hello, this is the Marketing Department! Our job is to share our story with you! We will keep you up to date with exciting news on our partnerships, products and merchandise. We will also let you know whenever there is an event or sale that we want you to know about!  Keep checking the website and social media accounts to keep up to date with all things Meraki Giving! 

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