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The first 8 years of education in Kenya is free for all children, but if they wish to complete their secondary school education, they need to fund it themselves. Even though most public Kenyan schools cost only 1.3 US dollars per day, the average salary for a worker in Kenya is around 2.53 dollars a day. The average Kenyan woman has four children.  How is a family supposed to provide for their children’s education, health, and nutrition on such a low salary?

We realise, being kids ourselves, the importance of education. Not every child is provided with the same opportunity as we are to learn. It is even more challenging when health gets in the way. Education is one factor in breaking the cycle of poverty and Meraki Giving wants to ensure that sick children can focus on getting healthy, while we focus on helping provide them with an opportunity to continue learning. 100 % of the money donated to this initiative will go to building and outfitting Kuunga Mkono. Your generosity will have a positive impact on the future of each and every one of these kids currently at the hospital.

The purpose of the hospital is to focus on health, education, and empowerment in order to help the children survive and thrive. The hospital staff like to say that their sole reason for being, is to enable the children in their care to take big steps forward. We all understand the importance of empowering young girls to go to school,  and to make sure no child is left behind. That's where we come in.

Shoe4Africa is a nonprofit organisation that we partnered with in this project, with out them our project would not be possible...


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