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This is where you will find our thoughts on our experiences, ideas, and frustrations. Enjoy the journey with us!


Start your day, Change the future.

Who knew a small paper bag could mean so much. This 200 gram bag does not only contain specialty, light roast coffee from a remote region in Peru; but it contains 14 months of planning, negotiating, learning, loss, hope, heartbreak, disappointment, elation, and celebration. 

Recent Posts

Hello everyone, we are very happy and grateful to introduce our coffee brand - Caféruna!  We are collaborating with an association of coffee farmers from Marancocha, Peru. We want to raise awareness of the importance of  direct and fair trade by promoting Caféruna in Hong Kong. 100% of our profits will be reinvested back into an identify community need in Marancocha. Breaking into the coffee industry has been a great challenge for us. Registering a society in Hong Kong, obtaining a licence to distribute, raising capital for the shipment, understanding custom law,  We have been researching, watching documentaries and visiting people to understand more about fair trade and the progress of coffee.

Caféruna is a combination of Spanish and Quechua - Peru's indigenous language. "Café" means coffee in Spanish and "runa" means people in Quechua language. We wanted a Spanish reference, because Spanish is the main language in Peru. Also, we used Quechua language, because it is the language of the indigenous people from the Peruvian Andes. We feel strongly about connecting our product back to the community. 


February 26th 2019

For the most current information on this initiative, please see the video on the Caferuna Updates Page.

Hello! We are very excited to tell you that we have officially broken ground at the site of our Kuunga Mkono school in Eldoret, Kenya! This is a very exciting opportunity for us, and we are thrilled to be sharing this with you!

By building this school we are helping to not only promote learning, but also a healthy and active learning space. At the moment the Shoe4Africa hospital has workers that are dedicated to teaching, however they do not have the resources or the space needed to teach more than one child at a time. By proving the Kuunga Mkono facilities, we are enhancing the infrastructure that already exists.                                                          

The school we are building will function as a space for the patients, staff and families. There will be art and tech classes as well as math and literacy for all students to work in. There will also be a designated multipurpose room outfitted with a projector that can be used to host workshops and seminars for parents who are supporting their child’s recovery.

We would like to thank everyone who has made this school possible.  We could not have gotten this far without you. We aren’t finished yet though. Our school may have an exterior, but our interior is still bare. The estimated amount of our interior design is $10,000 USD. Since we have finally raised enough money for the building of the school, we are now shifting our focus to providing educational resources.  We will keep you updated with our progress so keep watching this space.

Breaking Ground!

May 15th 2018

For our latest initiative, we are partnering with Shoe4Africa! The Shoe4Africa Children's s Hospital is the only Children’s hospital in East and Central Africa. Toby Tanser, the CEO and founder of Shoe4Africa has done many projects, such as building public toilets and schools for the Kenyan public.  With a shared interest in education and a passion for equality, Toby Tanser and The Harbour School students are embarking on this new journey together.  The lack of opportunity for children living in poverty in Kenya robs them of the ability to reach their full potential. Children who are healing cannot be left behind. This is a project that needs to be done, and by partnering with Shoe4Africa it can be.

Our Partner-Shoe4Africa

December 27th 2017

Hello! We are Meraki Giving, a non-profit society composed of passionate high school students from The Harbour School, and of course one amazing teacher- Ashley Ault. We are currently engaged in an initiative to build a school in Eldoret, Kenya. This school is part of the only public children’s hospitals in East and Central Africa, the Shoe4Africa Children’s Hospital. The school we are building will be called Kuunga Mkono, which is Swahili for “putting your hands together for something good.” Building this school is a meaningful project because many Kenyan children are faced with the hurdle of poverty, which is an oppressive factor in the endeavour to complete one’s education. The average salary in Kenya is 2.53 USD a day, after primary school, the cost of tuition is 1.3 USD per day. The average Kenyan woman has four kids. You do the math. If the cost of school is 1.3 USD per day and you multiply that by 4, that is 5.2 USD per day- this means that not only will not all children go to school but there is very little money left over for basic needs.

Now, we have learned about the hardship of poverty, but if you couple that with illness, it creates a hurdle that seems impossible to overcome. Meraki Giving wants to ensure that students who are recovering from injury or illness are not missing out on the opportunity to learn. The school we are building will be custom-designed to meet the needs of this vulnerable demographic. Our classrooms will be interactive, dynamic and ensure an atmosphere of healing. We are partnering with a Shoe4Africa to ensure that this project is successful and will continue to update you all with our progress. 

Welcome to Meraki Giving !

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