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Our Story

We are high school students from The Harbour School, a small international school in Hong Kong, who want to make a change in the world. We are a non-profit based society. In 2017, we built Kuunga Mkono, a school for long term care children recovering in the Shoe4Africa Children's Hospital in Eldoret, Kenya. It is the only public children's hospital in East and Central Africa.


In 2019, we worked with coffee farmers in Peru to build business relationships in Hong Kong in hopes of creating new pathways out of poverty for these families. 


Most recently, we launched our newest initiative, SOLE (Sustainable Oceans, Liveable Earth), which is focused on ocean sustainability and climate action.


Thinking of a name for our organisation was challenging. We wanted one that would really represent the nature of our society and our intentions. The word 'Meraki' is Greek for putting all of yourself and your passion into everything you do, and that is what we are committed to do. Our logo of two hands coming together represents our intention of connecting Hong Kong with communities around the world. 


Naming the school was as tricky as naming our organisation. 'Kuunga Mkono' is Swahili for “putting your hands together for something good” and that is what we  achieved with the help of many hands! Let's continue to join hands to work together to not only build a school for some of the most vulnerable children in East and Central Africa, but to help build their future.

Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 1.52.05 PM-Reco


Meraki Giving is a brand in itself, so the challenge was creating the name for a product that captured the roots of the Peruvian people with our initiative.  'Café' means coffee in Spanish and 'runa' means people in the Quechua Language. Quechua is the indigenous language of the people from the Peruvian Andes where Marancocha is located. The logo represents our belief in the fair trade philosophy. We used red to represent Peru's flag. Green is used to convey the message of sustainability and vitality. 

Screenshot 2019-09-26 at 1.52.05 PM-Reco
SOLE Logo Sm.png

SOLE is our latest initiative, we focus on our troublesome ocean and how we can provide information and help. hence; Sustainable Oceans, Liveable Earth.

In our SOLE initiative, we shall:

Provide useful information, carry out beach cleanups, and cooperate with other like-minded organisations

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