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After many challenges, setbacks, and unforeseen delays, Kuunga Mkono is now open! We have learned that nothing goes according to plan, and that is the same for plan A, plan B, plan C, etc. You have to be resilient and determined, because nothing happens if you give up. All of the obstacles were worth it when the sign was finally hung and the classrooms were finally opened. 

The Opening

June 1st 2019

The new school year brings a new opportunity for THS to work with industrious farmers in Peru! This year we're working with the Marancocha Coffee Association. This association is composed of 15 families from Marancocha, Peru, one of Peru's most vulnerable communities.  We want to create new business opportunities while raising awareness of fair trade principles and the impact of direct trade. The coffee is delicious, the people are amazing, and the region is breathtaking. If you are unable to visit Peru, we hope to bring some of Peru to you with our new coffee brand, Caferuna! 

We have a new initiative!

October 26 2018

Have you ever tried to learn a new skill or language? Or, perhaps you tried to understand a concept or formula? Well, we are trying to learn about import and export law. In trying to understand how to get a coffee shipment from a remote region of Peru to our school in Hong Kong, we have jumped into a world of new terms, vocabulary, tax law, logistics, and business practices. Apparently, it is important to have a registered organisation when importing goods into Hong Kong for distribution. It is also important to have contacts at a logistics company. We have been going back and forth with a logistics company in Peru and it seems that what we are trying to do- just isn't done. We will see about that. Check back in soon for more updates. 

All the Things we Didn't Know, we Didn't Know.

October 01 2018

With wild weather patterns happening all over the world, Eldoret was not an exception. Heavy rainfall delayed the construction process, however we are happy to report that the construction of the schools are complete! Currently we are working with the beneficiaries, hospital staff and childcare workers to complete the interior of the school. This is a critical part in our project as our research has shown the importance of creating interactive, inclusive and inspiring learning environments. Thanks to the generosity of our donors we are purchasing functional classroom furniture, technology and resources that will enable all children to learn. We will continue to update this space. Thank you again for your support.

The Interior and Exterior !

September 24th 2018

We have just returned from Kenya where we spent the last week meeting our beneficiaries, visiting local villages, schools, farms and the Shoe4Africa Hospital! The trip was fundamental to further our research for our interior design step. Meeting the head Child Life worker was insightful and allowed us to gain a deeper understanding of the needs of the children and the families that we will be serving. We are looking forward to the mid-August opening. Keep watching this page for further updates. 

Our Trip to Kenya !

June 12th 2018

Hello! Currently, we are working on our interior design, which will include a projector, whiteboards, tables and much more! While working on our interior design we are trying to make it functional for all ages in the school! More information to follow soon so keep an eye out!

Interior Design!

May 15th 2018

Hello! We have officially broken ground and started building our school in Eldoret, Kenya! The school will be open in June! Thank you for your support and for more information please check our blog!

Breaking Ground!

May 13rd 2018

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