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Designing Kuunga Mkono a profound  understanding of the needs of the patients recovering at S4A Children's Hospital. These children are living with physical limitations, depleted energy, side effects from medication, bacterial infections, compromised immune systems, etc. We learned how difficult it is for students to learn while they are sick. We wanted the school to have natural light, an energetic and calming vibe, and to be an empowering experience for everyone. 

Create a friendly, innovative, and comfortable environment for the kids to learn in.  We aim to combine functionality and architectural spirit.

The School

Design Philosophy

Clasping Hands

Simple Geometry

Intersection of two squares

Elegant Flow

Encourages movement and interaction


Visiting the Interior Design School of Hong Kong helped us understand what environment we wanted the children to have. The design helped us visualise the space. 

Library mock up 1.png

Using images of people helped us understand the need for space and functional design elements. The classrooms are used for both the students' education and workshops for their families. 

Interior Design ARt.png

Art and play are proven to assist in the healing process. Creativity is essential in education, and art therapies help with anxiety and depression. 

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