We will never be the same. The lessons we learned, the kindness we experienced, and the relationships we built are everlasting. 

Meraki Giving being recognised as coffee ambassadors of Marancocha by their mayor.
Picking coffee beans in Marancocha. Learning how hard it is.
Washing the coffee beans.
Learning the difference between high quality and low quality beans.
Meeting the farmers! Friendly and welcoming doesn't begin to describe the kindness we felt.
Where do you live? Exploring the Marancocha mountains.
Juan teaching us the importance of picking high quality beans.
A hard day's work choosing only the finest coffee beans.
Sifting out low quality beans.
Drying racks that ensure the beans do not absorb unwanted flavours.
A gesture of good will.
After months of setbacks and hurdles, we have a product.