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Kuunga Mkono Departments


Hello, We are the Marketing Team! We are in charge of getting our story out to you! Browse through our website, social Instagram and Facebook pages to stay up to date with our progress, and how you are helping make dreams come true. 


Hello, We are the Design Department! We are responsible for creating a functional, positive and creative learning environment for the children at the hospital. We want to create a space of inspiration, hope, and healing to help these children achieve their dreams. 


Hello, We are the Fundraising Department! We are in charge of connecting with sponsors, networking, and organising events that will help bring the international community together to support this important initiative. 

Event Planning

Hello, we are the Event Planning department! We create informative and exciting events to raise the capital needed to build the school.  We work closely with our other departments to ensure that they get the word out to you!  

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