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So Much to Learn

7:30pm is late for a school teacher and her students. We arrived at Fineprint in Tai Hang, excited to taste coffee from one of Hong Kong's finest experts, Scottie Callaghan. Scottie graciously hosted a two hour workshop to help us understand the decision making process that goes into choosing the flavour, aroma, colour, consistency, and experience of your favourite brew. 

Mind blown. We learned that we were probably grinding our coffee too coarsely, although a French Press needs a coarser grind, ours was too coarse! This can make your coffee bitter and watery.  We learned that coffee making is also subjective, and although there are universally agreed upon methods, many of the decisions are purely subjective. 

We were able to taste our Caféruna coffee brewed in a variety of ways and the flavour changed drastically. It was so surprising to think that just your brewing method could completely change the experience. This was very important for us to learn, because we need to be careful to tell our customers how we have ground the beans and what brewing method to use for an optimal taste sensation. 


From this workshop we have discovered that we should roast our coffee slightly lighter as it is better for our marketed method of brewing. We also decided to have a small sample of our coffee roasted for the espresso machine to appeal to a diverse customer base. 


More to learn, but the journey has been so rewarding.  

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