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When at First You Don't Succeed... try another 34 times. 

At first it was because the logistics company in Peru, then it was customs, then it was our paperwork, then it was customs... do you see a trend?


During this process many people suggested we switch to buying our coffee beans from Colombia, because it is "much easier." These people failed to see the point- that we don't need easy. The Marancocha farmers needed someone to believe in them and their product, and relentless paperwork was not going to stop us from making this happen. 

Doing something that has never been done before is difficult. It takes patience, resilience, and commitment. Believing in what we are doing is the main reason that it was successful, because WE GOT OUR SHIPMENT. 


Otterbox, Hong Kong has been an invaluable resource to us this year. They introduced us to their logistic company contacts, provided advice, time, and encouragement. Now we just need to roast, grind, package, and deliver!

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