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False Alarm 

When we started on this journey we never imagined the complexity of the laws, paperwork, and system in place to import goods from outside of Hong Kong. We have met with logistic executives to understand the language, protocols, and common mistakes that companies make when importing goods. We learned that it is best to hire a logistics company. We tried to do this and the company in Peru recommended we share a shipment container. However, this was the extent of the help they offered. We were passed on to four separate employees at the same company multiple times. 

We found out that our shipment order was too small to warrant much attention, let alone the special attention we were hoping for on our first shipment. Then came Otterbox to the rescue. Otterbox is known for their phone cases worldwide, but they are so much more than a phone case company. Otterbox has amazing programs and a grant program to help young entrepreneurs make a difference in the world. Otterbox offered their time, services and expertise to bring out coffee beans to Hong Kong. We have learned the importance of networking in business, but more than that, we have learned the importance of caring about partners. 

Otterbox did not have to help us, but they did. They did so willingly, enthusiastically, and have offered to be there whenever we run into trouble. This is an example of a stand-up company. A company that is more than just figures on paper, but one that practices what they preach. They believe in us, and we are grateful. 

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